Friday, 14 October 2011


Captain Idris I. Wada
Igala and Kogi Politics - Capt. Wada
Challenging the statu quo. Historically the Igalas have always use certain parameters to identify their heroes and heroines. Such attributes are fearlessness, physical strength, and ability to assist the community. Overtime Igalas were equally respected all over the world as men of character and integrity. 

The advent of modern democracy and the general deterioration in value system lead to serious consequences which resulted in a re definition of these sacred values to a more "modern" values characterized by formation Thugs group, stealing in place of work, begging by able body men. It is no longer uncommon to have nicely dressed young men moving from one politician house to another soliciting for monetary assistance and some even take it a little further by stopping motorcades of politicians on the way to seek for monetary gratification. 

Under pressure to conform, the so called big men resort to various unethical means to make monies used to oil this parasitic interdependence which is rewarded with unfettered support for such individual even if he lacks vision to move the state forward. People who help secretly and refused to accept the public praise singing are labeled as unknown.

Ikanni Okolo the super chairman of Dekina local goverment held no post and did no philanthropic gesture to his community before Ibro used his wisdom to single handedly anoint him to pilot the affairs of Dekina local Govt. which he did with A1. Today the same fate is befalling Wada and people go about demonizing the person of the governor. 

Even when it is clear Wada won a hotly contested primary. Equally notable is the manner of emergence of Audu as the governor on the state. he was called to serve just as notable decision makers in the state decided to beckon Capt. wada to come and rescue kogi state from economic doldrums. Wada represent untapped potentials and i urge all kogites to support this man of vision in bringing about a state where vision rules. Thank you.

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