Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wada-Awoniyi Kogi 2012...Good Governance is our top Priority

Capt. Idris Wada & Yomi Awoniyi (Kogi 's Lugard Best Candidates)
Wada-Awoniyi...Best Hands for Lugard House 2012

From Faraday, to plato and even Einstein, insanity has always been aduced for their ability to think outside the box. tell me, of all the people that have done so much for Igalas by means of sharing monies, paying hajj fare, and other mundane assistance that were voted to political office, how many have been able to lift Igalas out of poverty? they will come and share a few millions and take billions as profit. Its about time we say no to the commercialization of politics in Kogi state. Wada made money and set up companies that offered employment to all Nigerians Igala inclusive. will u deny that. Wada has trained more than thirty graduates, will u compare this with paying for 200 people to go to Senegal? Wada builts houses in Ayangba for his Aunty, father and another for his mother in ogodu, do u call him homeless? Wada is not attention seeking and is not a destroyer of our value system. He will not support a system that seek to turn the entire Igala race to beggars. Wada will not share money but will ensure Kogites leave a human life in an atmosphere of peace, equity, security and brotherliness.


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