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Who is Captain Idris Ichala Wada?

Captain Idris Ichala Wada
Who is Captain Idris Ichala Wada?

Why should he get our Mandate 4 Lugard House in 2011?

Captain Idris Wada: Nigeria’s first world class flight instructor at 23

IT was a chance meeting at the Congress Hall of NICON Hilton Hotel, Abuja, as the present Transcorp Hilton Hotel was called then. As a reporter I had gone to the hotel for the coverage of a lecture on aviation industry and Nigerian development organized by The Presidency, sometimes in October 1992. Enthused by the profundity of the lecture which received a standing ovation from the audience including the then president, General Ibrahim Babangida, I sought an interview with the lecturer, one Captain Idris Wada for more facts on the industry and in a very practical and unambiguous approach, the pilot was able to fill me in. Outside the aviation issue, Captain Wada depicted a good understanding of Nigeria with great passion for its wellbeing.
The experience of that day left a lasting impression on me about Captain Wada as not just an expert in his field but a person deeply interested in the progress and unity of my fatherland, Nigeria. Since then, I have taken an unusual interest in the Dekina born accomplished pilot and business man. Intuitively, when his name was mentioned among those aspiring to contest the December 3 gubernatorial election in Kogi State, I became interested and followed it up till about midnight of 22nd of September 2011 when Captain Idris Wada emerged as the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
In the primaries, which were reported to be generally peaceful and well organized, Captain Idris Wada garnered 547 votes to defeat his closest opponent, Alhaji Razak Kutepa who got 249 votes. The deputy governor of the state, Philip Salawu, won 2 votes, Jubril Isa echcho 1 vote. The election brought to a close intense horse trading and high wired politicking on who bears the PDP ticket for the gubernatorial election.
The candidature of Idris Wada for the PDP is a positive development for the party and the state considering his rich background and robust achievements professionally and in life as a whole.
Watching him (Captain Wada) on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) that night, shortly after the victory, one could see the dedication in him and the burning desire to transform the state even from that night on. I said to myself, this was exactly the man I met at the foyer of Transcorps Hilton some19 years ago with clear and practical solutions to the problems of aviation industry and Nigeria as a nation. The commitment was real and the seriousness touchable.
Captain Wada, who became a first class flying instructor at the age of 23 and credited with training the best set of pilots ever produced in Nigeria, has for decades distinguished himself both in the public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy as a humble, trustworthy, detribalized and forward looking Nigerian.
“I am a product of a humble background,” the ebullient Wada told the gathering of eminent citizens of Kogi State shortly after the announcement of the result of the primaries saying, “where the fear of God, hard work, respect for elders and authorities were preached on a daily basis.”
“These values ensured that I took my destiny into my own hands right from the tender age of five, and have kept me going up until today, where I stand before you to seek your support. Having being trained by the Federal Government of Nigeria, my commitment to serving my country – especially my home state of Kogi – is sacrosanct, and this in essence has shaped my character over the years.
“When you vote for me, it is more than an endorsement of one particular individual. You vote for a vision of how things will be different. How things could be better for you and your family in your local area. We know that all communities are desirous of equal treatment, and as someone who believes in opportunities for all, I will strive to ensure that your communities derive maximum value for your vote. Fundamentally, I take the public trust embodied by your vote seriously.
“My agenda for Kogi State (termed Kogi-4-All) is not a personal one but one that is a product of collaboration and dialogue with all stakeholders in the state. It reflects the expectations and mindset of the hardworking and peace loving people of the state. As my name suggests, “ICHALLA” depicts a cover - like an umbrella - which provides protection and cover for the disadvantaged and this is the hallmark of our great party the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP); therefore in setting my agenda for our dear state, I have decided to focus on key areas that will add value to the lives of all the people of Kogi State.”
As a man with a lucid understanding of the needs of the people, the PDP standard flag bearer listed rural and urban infrastructural development with emphasis on improving the state’s road network as his first major priority in office. Serious attention, according to him would also be given to ICT-driven education and health delivery services among others in the state. For overall development, Captain Wada said he would use maximally the machinery of his office and all his contacts and goodwill to ensure that all the federal government projects, particularly the Ajaokuta Steel Factory, Abuja-Lokoja and Okene- Auchi roads are completed within the shortest time possible.
Although, it has been proven in many cases that good manifestoes don’t necessarily translate into good delivery, the person making the promise makes a whole lot of difference. With his antecedents of selfless and meritorious service to the nation and his home state, Kogi, Captain Wada possesses all that it takes to take the confluence state to the next level. As over the years, he has contributed immeasurably to the enhancement of individuals irrespective of tribe and religious affiliation, for the benefit of mankind in humble and effective way. His support for various charities and community development projects is in accordance with religious practices.
Major pointers to success are: capacity, preparedness, clarity of purpose and commitment to deliver. Captain Wada from his background has acquired sufficient capacity to govern a state and is eminently prepared for the task involved in governance. The momentum with which he reeled out his manifesto immediately he won the primary election made it abundantly clear that Captain Wada already has a blueprint, a clear framework and roadmap to fly Kogi State to greater heights. All what is required now is for the good people of Kogi State to give their total support to the man with requisite credentials, capacity, mien, care and absolute commitment to the growth of Kogi state and her people.

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